Life Beyond Earth: Webb's Spectroscopic Hunt for Earth-Like Planets - SciTechDaily


ByKnicole Coln and Christopher Stark, NASAs Goddard Space Flight CenterJune 9, 2024NASAs James Webb Space Telescope is examining potentially habitable exoplanets in our galaxy, focusing on small pl ...[Continue Reading]


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Summer nighy sky features Perseids, blue moon, planets, milky way - The Washington Post - The Washington Post

Geoff Chester

Summer nights are the shortest but also the warmest making them particularly appealing for skywatching. The upcoming months feature the years best meteor shower in August, the return of multiple plan ...[Continue Reading]

The Washington Post

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If birds are dinosaurs, why aren't they cold-blooded? -

Margaret Osborne

For more than 100 years, researchers assumed that dinosaurs were like giant lizards: sluggish reptiles that spent most of their day basking in the sun. This image changed when we started to realize ...[Continue Reading]

Live Science

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Jupiters Great Red Spot is different from what an Italian astronomer observed in 1665 - CNN

Ashley Strickland

Sign up for CNNs Wonder Theory science newsletter.Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. Jupiters iconic Great Red Spot is a massive storm that ...[Continue Reading]


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NASA indefinitely delays return of Starliner to review propulsion data - Ars Technica

Eric Berger

Enlarge/ Boeing's Starliner capsule lifts off aboard United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket. 81 In an update released late Friday evening, NASA said it was "adjusting" the date of the Starliner sp ...[Continue Reading]

Ars Technica

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Fossil of ancient sea reptile is oldest found in Southern Hemisphere - Fox News

Brie Stimson

A 246 million-year-old reptile fossil discovered by scientists in New Zealand has been identified as the oldest marine reptile fossil found in the Southern Hemisphere, according to a Swedish museum. ...[Continue Reading]

Fox News

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